Yamaha YSL-354 Valve Trombone Serial #350896


Excellent Shape & Plays Extremely Well

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Yamaha YSL-354 Valve Trombone Serial #350896

All I can say is wow! This is an incredible little valve trombone. I’m typically a little bit of a purist when it comes to trombones but this valve trombone is really slick! It is easy to play, the valves are great and it looks fantastic.

Additional Information: It does not come with the lyre screw (not included).

Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is very good to excellent.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in excellent playing condition.
The Finish: It has approximately 90%+ of the lacquered finish.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
Valve Condition: All the valves are in good working condition and all of the tuning slides are loose. The first and second valve tuning slides are where most of the dents are located in the horn.
Lead Pipe Condition: Light (possible light surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
Tuning Slide Bow Condition: Light general wear (possible light surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
Slide Tip (Crook) Bow Condition: Very Light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Bell: No dents and no evidence of bell edge damage. It looks like there was some light dent removal taken out of the neck tubing section where the horn would rest on the players shoulder/neck.
Bell Diameter Approximately: 8 inches.
Bore Size: .5″
The Mouthpiece: A good used Yamaha 48 mouthpiece included.
The Case: Good used condition Yamaha case (General wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving: YSL354 (above the serial number) Yamaha made in Japan (on the bottom of the second valve casing) Yamaha (on the counterweight) Yamaha Established in 1887 (on the bell) Yamaha Japan 48 (on the mouthpiece).

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Dimensions 42 × 12 × 12 in