Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute Serial #823189


A wonderful student instrument that has just been completely overhauled.

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This Yamaha YFL-221 Flute Serial #823189 is in mint condition. It has just come back from the shop where it was completely overhauled and polished. The pads are in excellent condition. The head joint has the Yamaha symbol engraved on it and then below that on the middle joint the words “YAMAHA 221 ESTABLISHED IN 1887 MADE IN JAPAN” are engraved. This horn is perfect condition without a single dent or blemish. It comes in the original case which is in very good condition. These student level Yamahas are recommended by everyone as one of the perfect choices for young students.


*Note: If the serial number begins with “isi” this means we were unable to locate or read the original serial number and therefore it was assigned an automatically generated serial number from our system.

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Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in