Yamaha YEP-201 3 Valve Euphonium Serial #347322


Like-New Condition!

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This Yamaha YEP-201 3 valve euphonium is in like-new condition with 99% of the original lacquer and almost no player wear on the horn at all.  It has been to our shop to be cleaned but it barely even needed the valves oiled it’s just perfect. There is one minuscule dent on the back tuning slide and a scratch on the back of the body hidden by the body but other than that this euphonium is it is perfect condition. 

The serial number “347322” can be found on the back of the valve casing. The bell reads “Yamaha Established in 1887”.  The front of the valve casing reads “Yamaha YEP 201 Made in Japan”. This horn comes in the original case that is still in excellent condition.  No mouthpiece is included. 

This Yamaha Euphonium has a clear warm sound and good intonation.  

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 18 × 18 in