W.J. Dyer Diamond Silver Cornet ISI1789


1885 Excellent Original Condition with 99% of the Original Silver Finish!

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This W.J. Dyer Diamond Silver Cornet is in great condition. It has nearly all of the original silver plating making it a gorgeous horn to look at as well as play. The Vintage of this horn is estimated at 1885. The engraving on the bell is beautiful extending up the horn to the valves the writing in the engraving says “Diamond” below that is a “D” in a star engraving and then below all of that is “W.J. DYER & BRO”. While there is no serial number on the valve casing there are the letters “CZFCAN S.W. WAKIA.” on the lip of the lead pipe. This horn was just recently overhauled and there is evidence of dents having been taken out of the top of the horn as well as re-soldering on the back tuning slide. There is also a medium size dent on the bottom of the shepards crook bow. This horn comes in the original case which is still in very good condition. No mouthpiece is included with this horn. For Modern and Vintage mouthpieces please visit our mouthpiece page. Excellent playing little cornet light bright sound with quick valves.

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