Martin The Martin Imperial Music Man Model Trumpet 1962 Serial #215052


Vintage trumpet in great condition with 80% of the original lacquer and beautiful engraving.

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This vintage “The Martin” Imperial Music Man Model Trumpet is in great condition with 80-85% of the original lacquer still remaining. It has been to the shop where dents and dings were removed if needed and it was completely cleaned and flushed. The heaviest lacquer wear is a few spots on the bell and a spot on the top body of the horn near the valves.  There is also a little bit of lacquer wear near the lead pipe what we would consider light standard player wear on an instrument of this age. Please see the pictures for more details. The engraving on this horn is beautiful. There is an engraved badge with the letters “RMC” above the words “The Martin” which is written in script with a small “R” copyright sign beside it. Below that in different script is the word “Imperial”. Finally below all of that are the words “Elkhart, Ind. U.S.A. Official Music Man Model”. This horn comes in a replacement Yamaha case that is in good condition. There is no mouthpiece included.  These early Imperial Model Martins were the intermediate model for Martin.  They have many of the same characteristics of the Committee model without the Committee price tag.  This trumpet plays very well with excellent action and great intonation. The valves are super quiet and the horn plays with a nice rich round tone!

Additional Information:

Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is very good.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in excellent playing condition.
The Finish: It has approximately 80-85% of the original lacquered finish.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
Valve Condition: All the valves are in good working condition and all of the tuning slides are loose.
Lead Pipe Condition: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
Back Bell Bow Condition: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dents/dings).
The Bell: No dents and very minor bell edge damage.
Bell Dent Removal/Repair:  Light evidence.
Bell Diameter Approximately: 4 3/4 inches.
The Mouthpiece: No mouthpiece is included, or other accessories.
The Stand: If pictured, not included.
The Case: Good used condition replacement Yamaha case (general wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving:  RMC The Martin Imperial Elkhart, Ind. U.S.A. Official Music Man Model (on the bell)

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 11 in