Slingerland Black & Gold 40 x 17 Concert Bass Drum Ser#isi7459-9 Natural Wood




Slingerland Black & Gold? 40 x 17 Concert Bass Drum Ser#isi7459-9 Natural Wood

Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used drum is Good

This Drum has been sitting for a while and will need polish and some elbow grease. It may also need some mechanical adjustments see description below. Please bid accordingly.

Badge Type:  Black and Gold – we believe however the badge has been cut please see pictures.

Badge Condition: The badge has been cut on each corner.

Material/ Finish: Wood

Wood Shell Condition: Light to Medium general wear (slightly out of round, edge dents, and/or physical issues) You can see in pictures spots throughout the drum where it has wear and where around one of the lugs some of the top layer of the wood looks to have been chipped.

Heads: Good used calfskin heads.

Lugs:  14 Point 28 Lug drum. The lug screws are not guaranteed to be original. There are not any lug screws missing.

Hoop: Light general wear (nicks, sticks marks, and/or minor dings) They are not out of round but there is some wear to the edges as they are wooden hoops. Please see pictures for details.

Player Wear: Light to general wear (possible light surface scratches and could stand to be cleaned)


Medium general wear (visible surface scratches and wear and/or small-medium dents and dings)

The Case: No Case

The Stand: If pictured, not included.

Additional Information: This is a nice concert bass drum! It is in really good shape overall. The badge has been cut. Overall, the wood hoops look to be in good shape.  The shell has a nice natural wood finish with typical player wear in scratches throughout the years. You can see in pictures around one lug where there is some discoloration, and the top layer of the shell has been chipped away.  The heads are in really nice shape with no holes, and they are nice calfskin used heads. This bass drum is being sold “as is” with no returns. This is a freight item it has been included in the price of the instrument to your location.