Slingerland 3 Piece Sparkling Green Pearl Wood Drum Set Serial #297390

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Additional Information:
Drums Included in the Set:
Kick Drum 14 x 20” Serial #297390
Floor Tom 14 x 14” Serial #303347
Tom Tom 8 x 12” Serial #303357
Badge Types: Black and Silver Niles.
Badge Conditions: Excellent.
Materials/Finishes: Laminate over wood. There is one very small crack in the laminate going into one of the leg braces for the kick drum.
Wood Shell Conditions: Very light general wear.  The kick drum has “Slingerland” stamped in black ink on the inside of the shell.
Mufflers: Both are functioning well with good felts. The kick drum has a couple of felt straps across one heads acting as a muffler.
Heads: The floor tom heads are both in good used condition.  The tom tom top head is in good used condition and the bottom head is new.  The kick drum heads are both new.
Lugs: We do not guarantee that all lug screws are original. There is some very light pitting starting on some of the hardware and the lugs.
Hoop Conditions: The hoops all have light general player wear.
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
Cases: No cases are included.
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