Selmer USA Wood Oboe Serial #F5873

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Selmer USA wood oboe in very good condition, with 95%+ original key plating. Repaired cracks on bell and body but plays well. Split D key, left-hand F key, F resonance key, Bb bell key. New ProTec replacement case.


This Selmer USA wood oboe is in very good condition and 95% or more of the original key plating remains. Three cracks have been repaired.  One is in the bell from the top of the bell down to the side of the tone hole. Another is at the bottom of the body.  The third is at the top of the body down into the first keys. The bottom tenon cork does have some light chips along the bottom edge. However, this does not affect the playability of the oboe as it still seals fully. This instrument plays well. Please see pictures for details.  The serial number on the oboe is “F5873”. The engraving on the bell reads “Selmer USA”. This oboe has a split D key, a left-hand F key, the F resonance key, and the Bb bell key. Please see the photos for the exact key work. It also comes in a new ProTec replacement case. No accessories are included.

Additional Information:
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is very good.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in very good playing condition.
The Key Plating: Approximately 95%+ of the original key plating remains.
The Body: The body is wood.
Condition of the Tenons: Very light general wear.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dings).
The Bell: Light general wear (possible surface scratches and/or minor dings).
Pad Condition: The pads are in good used condition.
The Accessories: No reed, neck strap or other accessories are included.
The Stand: Not included.
The Case: New ProTec replacement case.
Engraving: Selmer USA (on the bell).
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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 8 in