Selmer Super Balanced Action Silver Baritone Saxophone 1950’s Serial #51260

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1952-1953 Vintage saxophone; completely overhauled and re-silver plated with gorgeous engravings.



This Selmer Super Balanced Action Silver Baritone Saxophone 1950’s Serial #51260 is in mint condition. It has just been completely overhauled, and re-silver plated. It looks amazing and plays beautifully.  This is 1952-1953 vintage horn with new pads and cut tone holes. Anyone who loves vintage saxophones knows, this serial number and ones similar are Selmer’s holy grail of saxophones. The serial number appears alongside the patent numbers at the bottom of the body near the bow. It reads “Made in France BPEV. SGDG No383098 Engl. Pat No11.824 U.S. Patent 2090011” and then the serial number “51260”. The engraving on the bell is beautiful with scrolling leaves and flowers all the way down the bell and bow. The words “Brevete France & Etranger” are engraved near the top of the bell followed by  “Henri Selmer Paris” engraved between laurel leaves and then the words “Fabrique en France par H. Selmer & Cie Place Dancourt. Paris” and finally, “Sole Agents U.S. & CAN. Selmer New York. Elkhart Made in France.” This baritone saxophone comes in a new case, and no mouthpiece is included. This horn is not only amazingly beautiful, but it’s got an absolutely incredible and vibrant sound. It’s got a great presence in both the upper and lower registers with fantastic overtones and great intonation. 

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 12 in