Selmer Series 9 Eb Soprano Wood Clarinet Serial #S7709


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This Selmer Wood Eb Soprano Clarinet is in excellent condition. It has been cleaned, adjusted, and repadded so it plays fantastic. The plating on the keys is 90-95% and the¬†wood is in great shape with no cracks or evidence of damage/repairs in the instrument’s past. The only real scratching on the body is where someone scratched some numbers onto the back of the body, they’re faint but still visible. (Please see photos for more details.) The serial number is S7709 making this a 1962 vintage Eb Clarinet. The barrel and the bell are original and match. The body reads “Depose Henri Selmer Paris France” at the top and “Series 9” at the bottom. The bell reads “Henri Selmer Paris” in laurel leaves followed by “Sole Agents U.S. & CAN Selmer New York Elkhart”. The case is original in very good condition but no mouthpiece is included.