Selmer SBA Silver Tenor Saxophone 1953 Serial #M54318


Vintage saxophone in mint condition with 99% of the original sliver plating!


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This Selmer SBA Silver Tenor Saxophone 1953 Serial #M54318 is in mint condition with 99% of the original silver plating. This horn was almost never used. It simply sat in a display case for nearly its entire life. The only plating wear on the saxophone is one spot on the bell where it rubbed against the stand. Please see the pictures for more details. It has just come back from the shop where it was cleaned, adjusted and re-padded so it plays beautifully. There are only two or three tiny dings in the horn, which are pretty much impossible to see but can be felt. One is just above the patent numbers and another above the left-hand palm keys. There are no dents in the horn, besides the minor dings, and there is no evidence of major repairs. This is a rare find to have one in such great shape. The serial number is M.54318 making this the holy grail of SBAs tenor saxophones. It was made around 1953 in the last group of serial numbers of SBAs before they were Mark VIs at 55,201. Above the serial number is engraved “Made in France Brev. S.G.D.G. No383.098 ENGL PAT No 11.824 US Patent No2.090.011”. The engraving on the bell is perfectly crisp.  The words “Brevete France & Etranger” is engraved at the top of the bell followed by “Henri Selmer Paris” engraved in laurel leaves.  Then engraved is “Fabrique en France par H. Selmer &Cie Place Dancourt Paris Sole Agents US & CAN Selmer New York Elkhart Made in France”. This tenor saxophone comes with the original “H. Selmer Paris” neck that is also in good condition and has no evidence of a pull down. It has the original Selmer Tri-Pack case that is in fantastic condition. Please note no other instruments are being sold in the case except this SBA Tenor. This saxophone also comes with the original Selmer mouthpiece. It reads “Henri Selmer Paris” in laurel leaves along with “Made in France”. There is scrolling on the shank and “C” on the back. The ligature and cap also read “Selmer Made in France”. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a great Selmer SBA that looks brand new but is old. This saxophone has a fantastic sound for a professional player.

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