Renard Model 51 Plastic Bassoon is in great condition Serial #16622


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This Renard Model 51 Plastic Bassoon is in great condition. The bell reads “Renard By Fox” with the fox face symbol. The serial number on the boot is #16622. This horn has just gotten back from our repair shop where it was cleaned the keys buffed and the pads replaced where needed. The Wing Joint tenon was also recorked and the key action was tested. Furthermore it was adjusted and regulated and is currently in excellent playing condition. It comes with the original #2 Fox bocal which reads ” 2 fox C”. It also comes in the original case which is good used condition. This instrument has some very light scratch wear on a few spots from light player wear but over all the plastic is in excellent condition with no cracks and the key plating is also in great condition.

Most people agree Renard Bassoons are one of the top if not “The” top Bassoons being made in this price range.

This horn is a fantastic player looks beautiful and is an excellent buy for the young musician on a budget.