Renard by Fox Model 240 Artist Bassoon with a High D in Beautiful Condition Serial #SB39448


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This Renard by Fox Model 240 Artist Bassoon with a High D is in absolutely beautiful condition. The bell reads ” Renard By Fox Artist Model” This instrument has matching serial numbers, #SB39448 which can be found  on the boot and the tenon joints. This horn comes with the original crutch, leg strap, neck strap, and two bocals. The bocals are a #1 and #2 which both read “Fox Products Corp S. Whitley in USA CVX” and then either “1” or “2” respectively. The deep red woodgrain finish on the bassoon is absolutely gorgeous. The silver plating on the keys is in perfect condition. (Please see the pictures for more details.) . Furthermore the entire instrument was adjusted and regulated and it is currently in excellent playing condition with a great warm sound.

From The Renard website: ” One of the finest instruments for the advancing student bassoonist. The Renard Artist Model 240 Bassoon is the ultimate advanced student bassoon. It features all of the mechanical extras that any advanced student might need, including a high E key, and a whisper key lock. The short bore design provides the tone, flexibility and resonance that would otherwise be found only in professional models. In fact, many professionals find this model well suited to their needs either as a touring bassoon or a fallback instrument in case of sudden failure on the part of their primary instrument.

The Renard 240 is based on the short bore design of the Fox model 201 bassoon. It features a tone quality that is more “open” than the long bore. It is voiced to permit the performer to open up and “sing” in the solo register, which is why since its introduction in 1994, it has been a director’s choice of bassoons oriented toward solo performance. Frequently chosen by aspiring bassoonists, it has also been utilized in symphony orchestras around the world.

The Renard 240 is constructed of red maple with a short bore that has been selected for tone quality and naturally aged in Fox/Renard’s own facilities. Natural rubber linings in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint, body lock and a French bell (metal ring) are standard. This instrument is finished in acrylic enamel.

Mechanical details include nickel silver keys with silver plating, in a Full German system with additional high D and high E keys, ring key for wing joint third finger hole, and rollers on F, Ab, Eb, Db; right thumb Bb and F# in combination with a crowned E key. It also features a Bb guard. Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing and boot joints to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts locked with screws.”