Martin The Indiana Tenor Saxophone 1950’s Serial #64954


Vintage saxophone with an Indian head engraving, a heart shaped thumb rest and the original neck.


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This Martin The Indiana Tenor Saxophone 1950’s Serial #64954 is in excellent condition with around 80-85% of the original lacquer and 90% of the original silver plating on the keys. It has just come from the shop where it was cleaned and adjusted and repadded, so it plays great. ┬áThe horn has the signature tapered Martin cut tone holes and an adjustable right-hand thumb hook and a heart-shaped left thumb rest. A few small dents have been taken out of the bow and currently there are no dents or dings. The lacquer wear is mostly on the back of the body and the bow. Also, there has been a key guard re-soldered on the back. Please see the photos for more details. The serial number can be found on both the back of the body and the neck. It makes this a 1950’s vintage tenor saxophone. We can’t date it any closer than that since “The Indiana” had its own serial numbers but their general time period can be figured out with serial numbers and key work. This is a first phase Indiana due to the right thumb hook and the heart-shaped left thumb rest. The engraving is still nice and sharp. There is an Indian head with three arrows and then scrolling leaves that run down the entirety of the bell and onto the bow. The words “The Indiana Martin Elkhart IND” are featured clearly. This horn comes with the original neck that has no evidence of a pull down. It also comes in a replacement case in good used condition. A mouthpiece is not included.┬áThis tenor saxophone has a warm, big sound that is iconic in Martin horns. It speaks beautifully in both the upper and lower register and has fantastic intonation.

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Dimensions 37 × 17 × 11 in