Ludwig 9 x 13 Sparkling Blue Pearl Wood Tom Tom Serial #1295621

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Blue and Olive Badge.


This Luddwig 9 x 13 sparkling blue pearl wood tom tom is in very good condition.  The blue sparkle laminate has very light general wear and looks gorgeous! There is some very light pull up on the seam of the finish towards the top and bottom of the shell.  The shell has a granitone wash interior.  It has a Blue and Olive badge in very good condition.  The muffler functions well with a good felt.  Both hoops have very light general wear.  Some of the lugs have extremely minor pitting.  Please see pictures for details.  No stand and no case are included.

Additional Information:
Badge Type: Blue and Olive.
Badge Condition: Very good.
Material/Finish: Laminate over wood.
Wood Shell Condition: Very light general wear. The drum has a granitone finish on the inside of the shell.
Muffler: Functions well with good felt.
Heads: Good used condition.
Lugs: 6 Point 12 Classic lugs. We do not guarantee that all lug screws are original. There is what looks like some kind of residue along the bottom of the drum under the lug to the right of the seam.
Hoop Condition: Very light general wear.
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
Case: No case is included.
The Stand: No stand is included.
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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in