Ludwig 4 Piece Mod Orange Wood Drum Set Serial #926006

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Additional Information:
Drums Included in the Set:
Kick Drum 14 x 24” Serial # unknown, badge missing.
Floor Tom 16 x 16” Serial # unknown, badge missing.
Tom Tom 10 x 14” Serial # 926006
Tom Tom 9 x 13” Serial # 926008
Badge Types: Blue and Olive.
Badge Conditions: The kick drum and floor tom are both missing their badges.  The Tom Tom badges are both clipped on the corners.
Materials/Finishes: Laminate over wood. Please note there is uniformed age wear to the coloring of the laminate apart from the bottom of the kick drum. There are very tiny microcracks at the point where the badge would be on the floor tom. The floor tom has some minor laminate damage at two of its three leg mounts. There is some very minor laminate damage on each of the tom toms at the mounts.  The 13″ tom tom has some very minor laminate damage on the bottom edge at the panel where the muffler is located. The 14″ tom tom has some minor laminate damage that is covered by the hoop and head. There is some very light typical player wear from the tom toms on the top of the kick drum.
Wood Shell Conditions: Light general wear. There has been some re-gluing to the reinforcing hoop on the bottom of the shell of the 13″ tom tom.
Mufflers: Functions well with good felt.
Heads: Good used condition.
Lugs: Some light pitting throughout the drum set.
Hoop Conditions: Very light general wear. Please note that the inlay on the kick drum hoops is missing and not included.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible light surface scratches).
Cases: No cases are included.
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