Ludwig 4 Piece Black Diamond Pearl Wood Drum Set Serial #1557581

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Additional Information:
Drums Included in the Set:
Kick Drum 14 x 22” Serial #1557581
Floor Tom 14 x 14” Serial #1557613
Tom Tom 9 x 13” Serial #1889811
Tom Tom 8 x 12” Serial #1858394
Badge Types: Blue and Olive.
Badge Conditions: The badges for the kick drum, floor tom, and the 9 x 13″ tom tom are in very good to excellent condition.  The 8 x 12″ tom tom badge is in good condition.
Materials/Finishes: Laminate over wood. The color of the laminate is incredible!  The kick drum has some very light scuff marks on the top of it from regular player wear from the tom toms.  The inlay is all intact and looks great.  The floor tom finish is in excellent condition with a very minor discoloration at the seam.  The 9 x 13″ tom tom has a couple of cracks in the laminate.  One is in the panel to the left of the badge coming down from the upper lug and the other is inbetween the lugs that are to the right of the mount.  The 8 x 12″ tom tom has damage to the laminate at the seam where a piece of laminate is missing.
Wood Shell Conditions:  Very light general wear. There is a hole drilled in the kick drum above the badge – please see pictures.
Mufflers: Functions well with good felt.
Heads: Good used condition.
Lugs: Some light pitting throughout the drum set.
Hoop Conditions: Light general wear.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible light surface scratches).
Cases: No cases are included.
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