Ludwig 10 x 26 Sparkling Silver Pearl Wood Bass Drum 1965 Serial #606261


Keystone Badge.



This Ludwig 10 x 26 sparkling silver pearl wood bass drum is in great condition. The laminate finish over the wood does look a bit more yellow than silver with its uniform aging across the laminate and the sparkle finish is beautiful.  It has a Keystone badge that is in excellent condition and there is a date stamp reading “May 20 1965” on the inside of the drum making this a vintage 1965 bass drum.  Both the mounting hardware and a couple of the lugs do have some etchings on them, please see pictures. Both of the hoops have light general wear to the paint and both laminate strips are in great condition! No case is included.

Additional Information:
Badge Type: Keystone
Badge Condition: Excellent
Material/Finish: Laminate over wood. There is aging wear uniformly across the drum.  It looks more yellow than silver.  There is some tape/adhesive residue on the wrap, we did not remove it in case that would show spots in the wrap that has not aged with the rest.
Wood Shell Condition: Very light general wear.  Unpainted interior with “May 20 1965” on the inside.
Heads: Both heads are new.
Lugs: 10 Point 20 Classic lugs.  We do not guarantee that all lug screws are original.  There are two lugs that have something etched into them.  Most of the lugs have some light to medium plating wear.  
Hoop Condition (Wear/Pitting/Flaking or Rust): Light general wear with wear to the paint.  The laminate strip is in great condition. 
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 31 × 17 in