Lot of 34 Used Instruments


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All instruments are being sold in as-is condition with no returns.  The following used instruments are included in the lot. Each used instrument comes in a used case, no mouthpieces, accessories, or stands are included.

2 used Bundy II Alto Saxophones

2 used Vito Japan Alto Saxophones

1 used Bundy II Tenor Saxophone

1 used Conn Tenor Saxophone

1 used Olds Ambassador F Trigger Trombone

1 used Conn 50H F Trigger Trombone

5 used Gemeinhardt Flutes

5 used Yamaha Flutes

6 used Selmer USA Bb Plastic Clarinets

1 used Bundy Plastic Bass Clarinet

1 used Olds Double French Horn

6 used Cadence Bell Kits

2 used Ludwig Bell Kits