Leblanc Extended Range Paperclip Metal Contra Alto Clarinet Serial #275


with Leblanc Mouthpiece and a ligature!

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Leblanc Extended Range Paperclip Metal Contra Alto Clarinet Serial #275

Additional Information: This is a really great contra alto clarinet with extended range. It has been sitting for a couple of years so even though it does kind of play we are selling it in non-playing condition as it will likely need a adjustment to be in top playing condition. There are a few pads that may need to be replaced as there are rips on the edges of them. There is a key guard missing at the bottom of the instrument and it is not included. As you can see in pictures the clarinet could use a good buff and polish. Once up and playing these Leblanc contra alto clarinets are super fun instruments to play and have a really great sound to them. This is the third one we have posted for sale and the last one that we have!
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is good.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in non-playing condition but it does kind of play. It has been sitting for 3-4 years and should be adjusted before it would be considered in top playing condition.
The Key Plating: 60-65% of the original key plating remains but they could stand to be buffed. There is medium to the touch spots.
The Body: Metal.
Player Wear: Light general wear (possible light surface scratches and/or minor dents and dings).
The Bell: No dents and minor evidence of bell edge dents.
The Bow: Has a light dent in the bow guard and/or a small ding.
Peg: Has a peg mount on the body and a peg is included.
Pad Condition: Older used pads. Some of the pads have some tears along the edges and it is possible they may need to be replaced.
The Neck: has approximately 60-65% of the finish remaining with Light wear (general player wear). It needs to be buffed.
The Mouthpiece: A good used G. Leblanc Paris mouthpiece and ligature are included. The ligature is a little out of round.
The Stand: If pictured, not included.
The Case: Older used condition (Still usable but significant signs of physical wear) likely the original case. There is some tearing on the inside of the case.
Engraving: G. Leblanc Paris (on the bell) G. Leblanc Paris (on the mouthpiece) G. Leblanc Paris (on the top of the body).

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Dimensions 39 × 13 × 13 in