King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone with Sterling Silver Neck 1960’s Serial #382474

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Vintage saxophone in excellent condition with an ornately engraved bell, bow and bell keys!



This King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone with Sterling Silver Neck 1960’s Serial #382474 is in excellent condition with around 75-80% of an old re lacquer and medium player wear across the horn. It has just come back from being cleaned and adjusted so it plays very well. The pads are older but they are all still in good shape. There are a few tiny dents on the back of the body and the bow but there is no evidence of any major repairs. Please see the photos for more details. The serial number is 382474 making this an early 1960’s vintage tenor saxophone. The engraving on the bell is a little difficult to read due to the old re lacquer job but it does read “King Super 20 The H.N. White Co Cleveland Ohio.” There are incredibly ornate leaves and flowers are engraved around the words and down the bell. The bell keys are engraved as well. This tenor saxophone also comes with the original sterling silver sleeve/double socket neck, which in good shape. However, there is evidence that a little pull down was repaired at some point in the past. It comes in a new replacement case.  No mouthpiece is included. This saxophone has that iconic King sound, super mellow with warm overtones. It plays easily up and down the register with a quick response.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 17 × 11 in