King Super 20 Baritone Saxophone 1962 Serial #382284

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1962 Series IV Vintage Saxophone Mint Condition!



This King Super 20 baritone saxophone with sterling silver neck is in mint condition! It has just come back from the shop where it was completely overhauled and re-lacquered with our signature custom vintage lacquer. Our custom lacquer has a darker tint than most modern lacquers to give the horn a more authentic feel. It has been completely re-padded. The sterling silver neck does have a light layer of lacquer over it. You can see that it is lighter than the rest of the horn and if you hold it close you can see the hint of sterling silver coming through the thin layer. There is one extremely nearly invisible ding on the facing side of the bell right by the bell to body brace. If you catch it in the light, you can just barely see it and it is so small you can hardly even feel it. Please see pictures for details. The serial number is “382284” making this a 1962 vintage horn and a Series IV Super 20. The engraving on the bell is beautiful and still perfect even after the re-lacquer. There are scrolling leaving and flowers surrounding the words “King Super 20 The H.N. White Co. Cleveland Ohio”. This saxophone has wire key guards. It comes with the original sterling silver neck in fantastic shape without any evidence of a pulldown. It has a new ProTec case. No mouthpiece is included. This saxophone has a warm big bell sound and a bright “kick” from the sterling silver neck.

Additional Information:
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is excellent.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in excellent playing condition.
The Finish: It has approximately 99%+ of the lacquered finish.
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Bell: Almost no dents and no evidence of bell edge damage.
The Bow: No dents in the bottom bow or bow guard.
Pad Condition: The pads are in very good used condition.
Resonator Type: Plastic resonators.
The Neck: The neck has approximately 99%+ of the finish remaining with very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Mouthpiece: No mouthpiece, ligature, or accessories are included.
The Stand: If pictured, not included.
The Case: Good used condition (General wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving: King Super 20 The H.N. White Co. Cleveland Ohio (on the bell).
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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 12 in