King Silver Flair Trumpet Serial #677914


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This King Silver Flair Trumpet is in fantastic condition with 99% of the original silver plating. It just got back from being cleaned and adjusted, so it plays well. There is evidence of a few dents being taken out of the bow, lead pipe and the flare of the bell. The serial number is “677914” making this a 1970’s vintage horn. This instrument has the 1st valve trigger, which is in very good condition and a tuning screw on the 2nd valve. (Please see pictures for more details.)  The engraving on the bell is crisp and clean and reads “Silver Flair”. On the valve casing, there are the words “King” in large letters and then below that “King Musical Instruments Eastlake, O”. Additionally, on the 3rd valve tuning slide, there is the number 914.  This trumpet has a warm sound and good intonation. This horn comes in the original case, which is still in very good condition. No mouthpiece is included.