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This King Master Model Cornet is in good condition with 50-60% of the original lacquer and medium speckle wear¬†spread out pretty evenly across the horn. It has just been completely cleaned, buffed, and flushed. There is evidence that a large dent was taken out of the back of the third valve tubing. The serial number on this horn is 434765 which means it was made between 1965 and 1970. There is also the number 765 engraved on the bottom of the third tuning slide. This King Cornet has the trademark King mechanical tuning slide along with two spit keys. The engraving on the bell is a little difficult to see due to the speckle wear but it has a delicate filigree of flowers and swirling lines around the words “King Master King Musical Instruments East Lake Ohio.” ¬†It has a nice warm sound and comes in the replacement case which is very good used condition. This instrument does not come with a mouthpiece.