King 3B Concert SilverSonic Trombone Serial #422135


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This King 3B Concert SilverSonic Trombone is in absolutely Mint Condition. It has been completely overhauled and re-silver plated, There are no dents or dings what so ever and the silver is so clean it’s like a mirror picking up colors and images. The inside of the bell, end of the slide and bow are lacquered and the rest is silver. The serial number on this horn says “3B 422135” making this a 1965 vintage horn. It can be found in three separate places on the horn below the brace on the slide, on the main body where the slide screws in and then on the slide where it screws in. You’ll notice that the first two numbers on the slide where it screws in have been lost during the re-silver plating process but the rest of the numbers are clear. ┬áThe slide itself is very smooth without any catches. You’ll also notice the Vintage King Counterweight on the back of the horn, the engraving on the front reads “The HN WHITE CO. KING CLEVELAND. OHIO”. The engraving on the bell itself is absolutely gorgeous and nice and clean. It reads “King” in very small letters with a fancy “S” and then below in larger letters “KING 3-B Concert SilverSonic THE H.N. WHITE CO. CLEVELAND OHIO” below that are the letters and numbers “U.S.N. 4-66”. This horn comes in the original case which is excellent condition. No mouthpiece is included.