Keilwerth Toneking Exclusive Saxophone Serial #89001


1920’s with 95% Original Lacquer

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This Keilwerth Toneking Exclusive Tenor Saxophone is in fantastic condition with 90-95% of the original lacquer and light player wear across the horn. It has just come from the shop where it was cleaned, adjusted and repadded so it plays fantastic. There is some player were to the key touch spots and a little across the horn, there is also one tiny ding in the bow which is pretty much impossible to see but it can be felt.  This Saxophone is in great shape there are no dents in the horn or any evidence of repairs.

The serial number is 89001 making this a 1920’s horn.  Above the serial number is engraved ” Made in Germany”. The engraving on the bell is still crisp and perfect despite being nearly a hundred years old.  The signature “JK” symbol with a crown is on the side of the bell. The words “Julius Keilwerth Toneking Exclusive” are also figured prominently. All around the words and down the bell onto the bow are engraved roses and leaves. The roses are really exquisite and quite rare compared to the usual flower engravings found on professional saxophone bells. This Tenor Saxophone also comes with the original neck that is also in good condition and has no evidence of a pulldown. It comes in a replacement case in good used condition and no mouthpiece is included.

This tenor sax has beautiful overtones and a gorgeous sound.

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