Jupiter 4 Valve Model JSH-590 Silver Sousaphone ser#F03721


Great Sound, Mint Condition!

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This Jupiter 4 Valve Model JSH-590 Silver Sousaphone is in fabulous condition with 95% or more of the original silver plating and light player wear across the horn. 


This Sousaphone is currently in the shop where the few little dings and doinks across the body and bell and the dents on the receiver are being removed. It’s also missing the top button on one valve, which has been ordered. It’s also being buffed.  And even currently this horn is really in great shape.  Pictures will be reshot after it gets back. The serial number is F03721 and the lead pipe reads “JSH-590 Taiwan“.  The engraving on the bell simple reads “Jupiter”. It comes in the original case that is in great shape. 


This Jupiter Sousa has that iconic Jupiter sound with superb intonation. 

SP Row A#4 L1

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 in