Jenco Mini Single B Flat Sousaphone ser#4478


Very Rare, Excellent Condition, Plays in Tune, All Original

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Very rare single B flat mini sousaphone. Engraving reads: Jenco Harmonica. Excellent condition with hardly a dent or ding and in great playing condition. Overall lacquer is 75% or better and hardly any evidence of any repair on the instrument. The lead pipe brace to the valve casing will need to be resoldered (see pictures). This little single B flat sousaphone is a very neat novelty instrument but it is basically a baritone wrapped into a sousaphone shape. The valves are all in great shape and this little horn plays great it has got a huge sound with excellent projection. These little novelty horns are fairly rare but what’s more rare is finding the original goose neck and bit. It even has the original cloth cases also in very good condition. 

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 30 × 17 in