Haynes Professional Sterling Silver C Piccolo Serial #34377

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This Haynes Professional Sterling Silver C Piccolo is in excellent condition and truly a piece of art.  The head joint, body, and keys are all sterling silver. This instrument recently came back from the shop so there are no dents or dings and it has been completely cleaned, flushed, and polished. The pads are all in excellent condition and there are only a few  scratches on the entire instrument. The engraving on the tenon reads “The Haynes Piccolo MFG By WM S Haynes Co Boston Mass 34377”  This is a 1960’s vintage piccolo that was originally sold in June of 1965. It comes in the original case which is in excellent condition. This Haynes Piccolo has “that Haynes sound” that is iconic of these exquisitely crafted instruments. It’s full, rich, and even timbre makes this piccolo an incredible and beautiful example of Haynes craftsmanship at it’s finest.