Fender Telecaster Bass Guitar 1973 Serial #402284



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This Fender Telecaster Bass Guitar is in very good condition. It has a natural finish which allows the beautiful graining to be seen. The finish itself is in very good condition with only light player wear over the body although there is one small nick in the wood midway up the back of the neck and little wear on the edge of the fretboard. (see pictures for more details.) . The word “Fender” can be seen on the pickup cover on the front of the body and the words “Fender Telecaster Bass PAT 2,968,204” are on the head. The serial number is 402284 giving this guitar a 1973 manufacture date . The serial number along with the Fender “F” and the words “Fender Micro-Neck Adjust Pat 3550496” can be found on the back of the body. This guitar has a 3 bolt neck and is well set up. The volume/Tone/Jack cuts in & out seems loose.  Comes with a replacement fender case.