Elkhart The Elkhart Silver Bell Up 3 Valve Alto Horn Serial #84209

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Needs Repair


Elkhart The Elkhart Silver Bell Up 3 Valve Alto Horn Serial #84209


Additional Information:

Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is good.

Dents: Some dents and dings.

Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in non-playing condition.

The Finish: It has approximately 75-80% of the silver finish but it is tough to tell with the tarnish.

Player Wear: Medium general wear (visible surface scratches and wear and/or small-medium dents and dings).

Valve Condition: One or more of the valves are not functioning properly and some of the tuning slides are stuck.

Valve Information: Valve number one is stuck misaligned in the casing and its finger button does not match the other two.

Lead Pipe Condition: Light general wear (light surface scratches and/or minor dents and dings).

Outside Body Bow Condition: Has a light to medium dent in the outside bow with a couple of small dings and dents.

The Bell: Minor dents and dings and minor bell edge dents.

Bell Dent Removal/Repair: No evidence.

The Bottom Bow: Has a light dent in the bow guard with a small ding.

The Mouthpiece: No Mouthpiece is included, or other accessories but it will need a trumpet mouthpiece.

Re-soldered: There has been a lot of very sloppy re-soldering done including the main tuning slide being soldered so that it is immobile.  The bottom bow tenon to the outside body needs to be re-soldered and the inside wrap to the main tuning slide just before it enters the first valve casing needs to be re-soldered.

The Case: Older Used Condition (Still usable but significant signs of physical wear) slight funk to it.

Engraving:  The Elkhart Band Inst. Co. Elkhart, Indiana U.S.A. (with the Elk in a heart on the bell).

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 11 in