Dolnet Alto Saxophone ser#31889

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Made in Paris with Art Deco Key Guards

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This Dolnet Alto Saxophone is in fantastic condition with around 85-90% of the original lacquer, and only light player wear across the horn. It has just come back from the shop where it was cleaned, adjusted, and completely repadded, so it plays great.  There is some light player wear to the touch spots and light wear across the horn, but there are no dents or dings in the saxophone nor is there any evidence of major repairs. (Please see, photos for more details.) The serial number is 31889, and our best guess is that this is a late 1940’s horn. (Dolnet doesn’t have a serial number list per say, so there is a bit of guess work with these saxophones).  The engraving on the bell is still crisp and clean. “Dolnet Paris Made in France” is engraved above the bell keys and then around the front of the bell, there are swirling leaves and flowers. It comes with the original neck that has no evidence of a pulldown.  This saxophone also features the articulated low F# key, along with the high F key and art deco angular key guards with decorative pearl buttons (although the pearl buttons are missing). It comes with a replacement case that’s in very good condition. No mouthpiece is included with this saxophone.

Dolnet saxophones have many technical similarities to Selmer saxophone made in the same period, and some people think that they “feel” quite similar to a Selmer. Sometimes you’ll hear a complaint about the intonation of Dolnet saxophones, but this one is spot on. It plays nicely with a warm, even tone throughout the upper and lower registers. This saxophone would be a great as a collector piece or for a player looking for a vintage horn without the usually vintage saxophone price tag.

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