Deagan Round Top Parsifal Orchestra Bells No 1123


2 1/2 Octave Unbelievable Fantastic Sound with Excellent Resonance and Overtones

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Early 20th Century (1914) These were known as Deagan’s Best Orchestra Bells because of their long sustaining tone. The bars were triple plated to prevent any kind of rust. It comes in the original oak case which has definitely seen its fair share of vaudeville theatres. Incredibly difficult to find and they are expensive but well worth the price.  Unbelievably great sound. They definitely don’t make em like they used to.  Since we are trying to get as many ads up as we can you have the opportunity to buy them now at a great price before we buff the bars and clean up the case.  But when the time is right we will make the effort to buff and clean them up and a new ad and price will be written. So save a little and do it yourself while you still have the opportunity. Don’t miss this get set of Deagan Round Top Orchestra Bells.