Couesnon NZ 3 Valve Eb Alto Horn Serial #isi3354

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Beautifully Playing Vintage Alto Horn!

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Couesnon NZ 3 Valve Eb Alto Horn Serial #isi3354

Additional Information:

It has a nice sound from top to bottom.  It has a nice thick sound in the bottom register all the way up to a nice singing register at the top!

Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is good.

Dents: Some dents and dings.

Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in good playing condition.

The Finish: It has approximately 50- 55% of the lacquered finish.

Player Wear: Medium general wear (visible surface scratches and wear and/or small-medium dents and dings).

Valve Condition: All the valves are in good working condition and some of the tuning slides are stuck. All of the tuning slides pull except for the third valve tuning slide.

Valve Information: The second valve finger button does not match the other two.

Lead Pipe Condition: Light general wear (light surface scratches and/or minor dents and dings).

Outside Body Bow Condition: Has a light dent in the outside bow and/or a small ding.

The Bell:  Minor dents and dings and minor bell edge dents.

Bell Dent Removal/Repair: No evidence.

The Bottom Bow:  Has a light dent in the bow guard with a small ding.

The Mouthpiece: No Mouthpiece is included, or other accessories.

Re-soldered: The alto horn has several re-solders and a couple of solder patches on the bottom of the main tuning slide.

Metal Condition: There are a couple of solder patches on the bottom of the main tuning slide.

The Case: Older Used Condition (still usable but significant signs of physical wear).

Engraving: Exposition Lnivepselle De Paris 1900 Mors Concours Membre Du Jury Couesnon & Cie Fournisseurs De L’Armrr 94.Rue D’Angouleme Paris Chateau-Thierry 26 (on the bell) France N Z (on the mMouthpiece receiver).

*Note: If the serial number begins with “isi” this means we were unable to locate or read the original serial number and therefore it was assigned an automatically generated serial number from our system.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 11 in