Conn Triumph Silver Cornet ser#787

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Completely Overhauled and Re-Silver Plated!

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This Vintage Conn Triumph Silver Plated Cornet is in absolutely mint condition. It has just come back from the shop where it was overhauled and re-silver plated. The serial number on this horn is 787 which is an EXTREMELY¬†LOW number and means this horn was made way back in 1879 only three years after Conn began making instruments.¬†Below the the serial number on the second valve casing are the words “PAT’D JAN. 1812.” The engraving on the bell is gorgeous and still nice and crisp with swirls and leaves around the words “ELKHART TRIUMPH MADE BY ELKHART MUSICAL INST. CO. ELKHART, IND.” There is a little engraving on the top and bottom of the valve casing and on the valve buttons. There are two spit keys on this horn. There is also an extra tuning slide with a spit key and a no name mouthpiece included. The original case is also included.

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SP Row E #1 L4

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 in