Conn 6H Trombone Excellent Condition Serial #829105


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This Conn 6H Trombone is in Excellent Condition with 95% or more of the original lacquer with only very light wear over the entire horn.  There are a few scuff marks and some light speckle wear on the bottom part of the body there are also a few scratches on bell where it attaches to the brace.  You can feel where a small dent was taken out of the tuning slide and there is a very very small dent still at the end of the slide crook. The slide itself is nice and smooth with only minor plating wear just near the tips of the inner slides. The serial number of this horn is 829105 dating the manufacture year as 1959 The engraving on the bell is just gorgeous with swirls and leaves around an engraving of the iconic Conn Marching Band and below that the words “CONN USA”. This horn comes in the original Conn case. No mouthpiece is included.

The 6H is legendary as an excellent lead horn with soaring high notes and an excellent low range. this one is an excellent player.