C.G. Conn Silver Alto Saxophone with Naked Lady 1935 Serial #M269360A


1935 Vintage saxophone with a double socket/sleeve style neck, beautiful engravings and a gorgeous sound.


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This C.G. Conn Silver Alto Saxophone with naked lady engraving is in excellent condition with 95% or more of the original silver plating and only very light player wear on a few touch spots. It has just come back from the shop where it was cleaned, adjusted, and re-padded, so it plays wonderfully. There is evidence that a few dents were taken out of the bow, but currently, there are almost no dents or dings in the horn. There is a very miniscule ding on the body between the neck hook ring and the upper thumb rest.  There is also some extremely minor dings on the bottomm bow. The serial number is “M269360A” making this a vintage 1935 horn. Above the serial number is the engraving “PATD. Dec. 8, 1914, 1119954 PAT. APP’D FOR A” and below it is engraved the letter “L.” This denotes that the horn is in low pitch. Until the mid-1940’s, Conn made horns both high, and low pitched horns. This is a very early version of the famous Naked Lady Full Bust engraving Conns. The serial number places it in the first year of Conn’s “Naked Lady” production. Conn was coming out of their transitional years, and they had not yet zeroed in on exactly how they were going to engrave these, now iconic, horns.  Also, if you examine the Naked Lady you can see the full bust, in later engravings the line moved up until it was only her face and neck. A few other features of this horn include rolled tone holes, an adjustable thumb rest, and a micro tuner neck! The engraving on the bell is super clean and reads “Made-by C.G. Conn Ltd. Elkhart-Ind. U.S.A.” You will notice that this saxophone has a polished silver bell engraving, a brushed silver body, and a gold wash bell. This horn also comes with the original micro-tuner double socket/sleeve style neck. The neck is in great shape with no evidence of a pull down. It is engraved with “STD D M” and “Patented”. There is a very slight ding next to the “M” on the neck engraving.  It comes in a replacement case that is great shape and no mouthpiece is included. The “Naked Lady” horns are some of the most famous saxophones for a good reason. Not only are they physically beautiful but they also play fantastic, and this horn is no exception. This alto saxophone has a gorgeous, warm sound. It plays smoothly up and down the register with beautiful overtones.

Additional Information:
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is excellent.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in excellent playing condition.
The Key Plating: Approximately 95%+ of the original key plating remains with very light player wear to the touch spots.
The Finish:
It has approximately 95%+ of the silver finish. Most of the wear to the finish is on key guards and around the bell ring.
It has approximately 80-85% of the gold wash bell finish.
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Bell: Almost no dents and no evidence of bell edge damage. The bell to body brace has a very slight push into the back of the bell.  Extrenally you cannot really see it but you can feel it on the inside of the bell.
The Bow: Very light dings in the bottom bow or bow guard.
Pad Condition: The pads are in very good used condition.
Resonator Type: Plastic resonators.
The Neck: The neck has approximately 98%+ of the finish remaining with very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Mouthpiece: No Mouthpiece, ligature, or accessories are included.
The Case: Good used condition (General wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving: PATD. DEC. 8, 1914, 1119954 PAT. APP’D FOR A M269360A L (on the back of the horn) Made-By C.G. Conn LTD. Elkhart-Ind. U.S.A. (on the bell with the full bust Naked Lady engraving) STD D M Panteded (on the neck).

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