C.G. Conn Bb Chu Berry Vintage Straight Soprano Saxophone 1925 Serial# M157994


Vintage saxophone in excellent condition with 90% of the original lacquer, nail file G#, and rolled tone holes.


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This C.G. Conn Chu Berry Soprano Saxophone 1925 Serial #M157994 is in excellent condition. There is no evidence of any damage except the bell flair looks like it was pushed down a tiny bit but it was repaired at one point and currently, it is in great shape. The engraving reads made by  C.G. Conn Ltd Elkhart Ind. USA. This is a true Chu Berry Soprano and it has the nail file G#, rolled tone holes, ring style thumb hook and it has all the original rollers and key guards. The original case is also in very good condition. No mouthpiece is included. It currently has a very good set of used pads with metal resonators throughout the horn. This saxophone has a super warm cool jazzy sound. 

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 12 in