C.G. Conn 6M Alto Saxophone with Naked Lady 1955 Serial #535291


Great playing saxophone with Naked Lady engraving, cut tone holes and an under slung neck.


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This C.G. Conn 6M alto saxophone with Naked Lady cleavage engraving has just come back from the shop where it was completely overhauled and re-padded. This saxophone has the naked lady engraving, but it is a little hard to see due to the patina of the lacquer wear but has the original finish. There are no dents or evidence of any major repairs on the horn. The serial number on the saxophone reads “535291” making this a 1955 vintage horn. Engraved below the serial number on the back of the horn is “6M PAT.APP’D FOR”. Engraved on the bell is “Made-By C.G. Conn LTD. Elkhart-Ind. U.S.A.” with the Naked Lady cleavage engraving below. There is 60-70% lacquer remaining on the horn with some light crazing down the back of the bell. The pads have plastic resonators throughout; it has all original key guards and rollers with the original socket style neck that has the under slung octave mechanism. This saxophone also has new cork. The case is original and in very good used condition. This horn does not come with a mouthpiece. This alto saxophone has that sweet 6M sound, and with the rolled tone holed models getting more expensive this is a great playing saxophone for the price.

Additional Information:
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is very good to excellent.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in very good to excellent playing condition.
The Key Plating: Approximately 85-90% of the original key plating remains with light player wear to the touch spots.
The Finish: It has approximately 60-70% of the lacquered finish.
Player Wear: Very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Bell: No dents or evidence of bell edge damage.
The Bow: No dents in the bottom bow or bow guard.
Pad Condition: The pads are in very good used condition.
Resonator Type: Plastic resonators.
The Neck: The neck has almost none of the finish remaining with very light general wear (minor if any surface imperfections).
The Mouthpiece: No Mouthpiece, ligature, or accessories are included.
The Case: Good used condition (General wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving: Made-By C.G. Conn LTD. Elkhart-Ind. U.S.A. (on the bell) 6M PAT.APP’D For (above the serial number on the back of the horn).

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