Buescher The Buescher True Tone Silver Bass Saxophone Serial #37187


Vintage Bass Saxophone in Good Condition!

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Buescher The Buescher True Tone Silver Bass Saxophone Serial #37187

Additional Information: This is a great vintage bass saxophone! It is in really good shape overall as you can see from pictures there is a patch on the U-Tube and several re-solders throughout the horn from key guards to the bell to body brace. It has split bell keys and wire key guards. There are some dents and dings throughout the horn as one would expect from an instrument this size. Nothing has been crushed. The left hand pinkie keys have the mother of pearl G# key. All in all this is a great horn! It does play but as anyone who knows bass saxophones is aware when this ships to you it will very likely need a trip to the shop for a quick adjustment due to the sheer size of the instrument.
Shipping: Due to the size – we can only ship the item in the case by wrapping cardboard around the case. We will pack inside the case very carefully around the instrument however please understand that we cannot add padding around the case in the box. If you would prefer to have the item freighted to you so that we can add extra padding/protection for shipping please contact us for a freight quote before you purchase. Once you have paid for the item we are unable to change the shipping option.
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is good.
Playing Condition: This instrument is currently in playing condition but these bass saxophones are so big that it will need an adjustment by the time it reaches its destination.
The Key Plating: Approximately 90-95% of the original key plating remains they have a good polish. There is light player wear to the touch spots.
The Finish: It has approximately 90-95% of the silver finish.
Player Wear: Light to medium general wear (visible surface scratches and wear and/or small-medium dents and dings).
The Bell: Minor dents and dings and minor bell lip pull down.
The Bow: Has a light dent in the bow guard and/or a small ding.
Pad Condition: Combo of old and newer used pads.
Resonator type: Plastic resonators.
The Neck: has approximately 90%+ of the finish remaining with medium wear (some dents and dings with a minor pull down).
Re-soldered: Several.
The Mouthpiece: No mouthpiece, ligature, or accessories are included.
The Stand: If pictured, not included.
The Case: Good used condition (General wear with some edge wear and visible surface scratches).
Engraving: The Buescher Elkhart Ind. (on the bell) Low Pitch (above the serial number) True Tone Trademark Registered (in the tuning fork bell triangle logo under the serial number).

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