Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto Saxophone 1960’s Serial #345876

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1960-1961 Vintage horn with 90-95% of original lacquer. It has a similar sound to the “Big B.”


This Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto Saxophone 1960’s Serial #345876 is in excellent condition with around 90-95% of the original lacquer. It has just come back from the shop where it was cleaned and adjusted so it plays great. The pads are a mix of old and new all in great shape. There are no dents or dings in the horn and no evidence of any major repairs. The serial number is “345,876” making this an early 1960-1962 horn. Selmer USA bought out Buescher and began producing horns in 1963 so this part of the last batch produced by Buescher and widely considered the last really good Aristocrats before the buy out. The bell is engraved with the words “Buescher Aristocrat Elkhart, IND.” This horn comes with the original neck, which is still in condition, although it feels just slightly out of round to the discerning touch. According to the tech who played it, he can’t hear a difference in the sound. It comes in a replacement case in good shape. No mouthpiece is included. This Alto Sax has that classic “fat tone” that Bueschers are known for and in terms of Ergonomics, it is very similar to the “Big B” Buescher. 

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 11 in