Barcone Junior Single Bb Sousaphone Serial #537




Barcone Junior Single Bb Sousaphone Serial #537

Additional Information:
Instrument Condition: The overall physical condition of this used instrument is in good to very good.

Playing Condition: This instrument currently plays but needs an adjustment. It needs a gooseneck and bit.

The Finish:  It has approximately 80-85-5% of the lacquered finish.

Player Wear:
Medium general wear (visible lacquer or surface scratches and/or evidence of dent removal/repair).

Valve Condition:
All the valves are in good working condition and some of the tuning slides are stuck.

Body Condition:
Good to very good.

The Bell:
Minor dents and dings and no evidence of bell edge damage.

The Mouthpiece: No mouthpiece is included.

The Case:
No Case is included.

Gooseneck and Bit:

No gooseneck or bit is included

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 31 × 17 in