Bach Strad Model 37 Silver Cornet Serial #124140


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This Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Silver Cornet is in Mint Condition. It has around 95% of the original silver plate and the serial number 124140 making it a beautiful 1975-1980 vintage horn. It has a Medium Large Bore, as evident by the “ML” above the serial number on the second valve casing. The engraving on the bell reads “Stradivarius Model 37 Vincent Bach ELKHART, IND. U.S.A.” The words “Vincent Bach” are in script and there is a small “R” trademark sign above “Vincent”. There is evidence of a small dent being taken out of the top of the horn near the 3rd valve. It comes in the original case with a new handle on it. It also comes with the original matching “Vincent Bach 3C” mouthpiece.