Fender Squier Precision Bass Guitar 1994 Serial #S001787

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Japanese made Fender bass guitar in good condition with smooth action and Sunburst finish.


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This Fender Squier Precision Bass Guitar 1994 Serial #S001787 is in good condition. There is medium wear placed unevenly over the body with most of the chipping and dings being on the sides and one long stratch down the front of the body. The neck is nice and straight with really no damage to speak of. The head reads “Squier Precision Bass Guitar Made in Japan by Fender”. The serial number of S001787 can be found on the back plate and makes this guitar manufacture year 1994. It comes in an older replacement case in used condition. It has just come back from the shop where it was checked over and all the electronics are working great.


*Note: If the serial number begins with “isi” this means we were unable to locate or read the original serial number and therefore it was assigned an automatically generated serial number from our system.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 18 × 7 in