Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar 1978 Serial #S831733

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Vintage guitar in excellent condition, Made in USA.


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This Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar 1978 Serial #S831733 is in superb condition. The head says “Fender Telecaster Made in USA serial number S831733” making this a 1978 guitar. There is light general player wear across the body, a few dings and scratches but the finish is still in very good condition. There is a Fender “F” on the back of the body. There is also the trademark “F” on the back of each of the original tunersFurthermore, on the bridge, there are the words “Fender PAT. NO DES.164227 2,573,254” This guitar has just come back from the shop where all of the electronics were checked over.  They are all original and working great. It comes in the original case which is also in excellent condition. 


*Note: If the serial number begins with “isi” this means we were unable to locate or read the original serial number and therefore it was assigned an automatically generated serial number from our system.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 6 in