Fender Jazz Bass Guitar 1974 Serial #615906

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Vintage bass with a natural finish and maple neck in excellent condition.

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This Fender Jazz Bass Guitar 1974 Serial #615906 is in excellent condition. It has a natural finish which is flawless, allowing the wood grain to show through beautifully. It has a maple neck and an ash body. There was a small piece of wood missing under the bridge cover but it has been professionally repaired. This guitar has also been checked and all the electronics are working perfectly. All the parts are 100% original. On the back of the guitar is the serial number, 615906,  and the signature Fender “F”. The bridge cover also has the Fender “F” engraved on it and the back of the tuning pegs have the word “Fender”. The head has the words “Fender Jazz Bass Offset Contour Body Patented” and then in much font the different patent numbers “2,573,254   2,960,900  2,968,204   3,143,028”.  It comes in the original case which is still in good condition . It sounds, looks and plays wonderfully!

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 18 × 7 in