Slingerland 5.5 x 14 Wood Snare Drum 1960’s Serial #208591


1963-1969, Black and Brass Niles Oval Badge. Sparkling Blue Pearl finish.

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This is a Slingerland 5.5 x 14  Wood Sparkling Blue Pearl Snare Drum Serial #208591. This is a fantastic vintage snare drum! It is in really nice shape and the laminate looks great.  There are a couple of small spots where the laminate has been lightly scratched but overall it is in very good condition. The muffler and the snare throw are working and the snare throw works without any issue as long as you are not pushing the snare throw arm towards the drum.  If the snare throw arm is pushed towards the drum it creates a minor hitch.  The lugs do have some light pitting on them but this is typical age wear.  This drum plays with a nice crisp sound!


Additional Information:

Badge Type: Black and Brass Niles Oval Badge. 1963-1969

Badge Condition: Very good.

Material/Finish: Laminate over wood.

Wood Shell Condition: Very light general wear.

Snare Throw: Works well with a minor hitch noted above.

Snare Wires: Included (not original).

Muffler: Works well and has a good felt.

Heads: Good used condition – the bottom head has a couple of dimples.

Lugs: 8   There is some light pitting on the lugs. We do not guarantee that all lug screws are original.

Hoop Condition: The Slingerland stick saver hoops are in good used condition.

Player Wear: Very light.

Case: Vintage Slingerland plastic clam shell with a couple of small age cracks.

The Stand: An older used Slingerland stand is included.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 11 in