About Us

Our Story

Drawing from three generations of professional musicians, our family-owned business is uniquely suited to help you find the perfect instrument. After coming off the road, a single classified ad to sell an extra saxophone turned into a basement full of instruments. As our children grew so did our business. We became wholesalers, primarily selling to Europe, Asia and South America. Now with multiple locations, we sell all over the world to professional musicians, collectors, schools, wholesalers and private individuals.

We Ship Anywhere in the World

Private Appointments for National and International Buyers

We do not have a traditional storefront but we do take private appointments for instruments valued over $3,000.00 USD. This allows you the opportunity to play numerous instruments in order to ascertain which one you prefer.

Wholesale Loads Available

If you are interested in buying large quantities we have numerous grades of instruments exclusively for our wholesalers. We understand some wholesalers prefer to repair their instruments in their own country. We offer private appointments to wholesalers who would prefer to pick their own loads

Band/Orchestra Directors

We take school orders but require a purchase order before we ship. We also have numerous student-line instruments not listed but available upon request.